Big Hero 6

Group: Mamatha, Karishma.

We discussed and explain how to use the camera angles and three characters in short animation film. We searched the animation short films with camera angles and three characters. we chosen Big Hero 6 clip of Baymax battery low scene.

We started to create the storyteller. we recorded of us in different camera angles and action in the scene. We created storyboard in TVpaint.


Then we researched on YouTube how to draw Hiro Sneaking and Baymax Drunk walking with references.

Baymax: Drunk walking:


Hiro: Sneaking:


My idea character design

My Thumbnails


My Storyboard



Reference of characters:

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 07.24.24.png

I researched some characters links to Baymax’s body. I chose Monster but i need to choose different.

I changed my mind to choose human characters. i sketches some faces and body.


My Character Design


Character 3D Model

I created the character model but there are too much lines. Next time I will make it simple model.


Karishma’s Scene 1:

Karishma drew of Hiro and Baymax and Aunt. When Hiro opened the door and sneaking inside living room and called in whisper  Baymax to come in. Baymax started to dance and say wee around the room while aunt sleeping on the chair with different camera angles and perspective.

My Scene 2

I focused on hiro and baymax to animate in TvPiant. The camera shot in the front of Hiro sneaking walk from start to end then turn round. The camera goes close up in front of Hiro and he said in whisper “come on”. The camera goes long shot of Baymax started to walk in Drunk way towards Hiro. The camera shot close up on Hiro said, “shhh” in whisper. Hiro’s face reaction when Baymax nearly hit the lamp.

Rachel’s Scene 3

When Baymax look at the chair. Hiro try to say no to Baymax. Baymax nodded him. He run around the chair while aunt sleeps on the chair. Hiro fed up.


My Final Scene 1

I researched on the internet images of sneaking walking form Richards William. r-williams-sneak-5I started to create Max in key pose in timeline to following the image in key pose.





Final Scene 2

I tried my best to make Hiro turn round in front of Baymax. Its hard to make hiro turn round because I don’t know which part of body to move and turn round then added action when he says “Come on!”, “Shh!” in whisper with facial expression.

Experiment 1

I created Baymax walking in drunk but walking is not right way because his back should be bend over and bend back sometimes when he walks towards. I restart to create Baymax walking in drunk towards.

Final Scene 3

I started to created Baymax walking in drunk way towards but in the middle of scene the timeline shows little bit slow when he walks. It looks good when Baymax walks from start and end.

My Final Animation

I try to add the sound of “Shh” and “Come on”. I need to edited with shh in short because the voice takes long shh.

Final Animation

I edited to put all the scene together in Adobe Premiere Pro. We recorded the voice shh and come on from man voice then added the voice on the adobe to make it match to the scene.



I will manage my time for to create the scene and to extra time the scene. I will practise with drunk walk in extra time.