3D Walk Cycle

This is my First experiment to learn how to walk. I researched on The Richard Williams Animator’s Survival Kit book with reference walking. Its difcult for me to make the feet walking in pose steps.  I will try to experiment with different type of walking.


I added the feet moevment when bot walking from beginning to end. I think I need to add more time in seconds because it is short seconds.

I created bot to walk fast with their feet from beginning to end. I added in the end is jumping up and down but I felt jumping is too fast when bot was jumping up and down. I will change the jump time into slow time and make it real jumping.


I created bot to walking low with his knee down while walking from beginning to end. I need to add the head movement to make it like real person walking. i created the camera to angle in front view.

I created the camera to view in 3/4 angle.


I started to research on the book ‘The Richard Williams Animator’s Survival Kit’ to learn how to create character to walk in sneaking walking. I found it very interersting.



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