3D Model Temples

                        temple Atemple B

This is the temple I have created for “Animation Production 1: ANIM1003. I had originally created the basic temple. I have enjoyed to learn how to create the basic simple temple.

The bottom base:

  1. ‘create’
  2. ‘Polygon Primitives’,’Square’.
  3.  key ‘R’
  4. clicked the yellow cube to hold it to make the square big
  5. clicked the green cube to hold it to make it a thin square.
  6. key ‘W’ for to make the square move around the area.
  7. right clicked to choose the ‘Face’
  8. pressed the ‘W’
  9.  clicked the green arrow hold for to pull it up
  10. right clicked to choose ‘Edge’.
  11. the edge lines
  12.  key ‘W’ to make the line move to the right and left and down and up.

The cylinder:

  1.  ‘Create’ then ‘Polygon Primitives’ to choose the ‘Cylinder’.
  2.  key ‘R’
  3. clicked the red cube to hold it to make it long. then I pressed the key ‘CRTL’ and ‘D’ to copy

temple C temple D

The roof:

1.’Create’ then clicked ‘Polygon Primitives’ to chose the shape ‘Square’.

2. key – ‘R,’


  1. ‘Create’ then ‘Cameras’.
  2. ‘W’ to make it move up and move back.
  3.  ‘T’ to show a small letter like ‘Q’. It shows with straight line and then I clicked the blue square to move it down on the square.

The conclusion, I felt it interesting using 3D Maya Software as I could experiment different tools for creating the various structures and effects. I am sure I am going to use it much more in my future projects to bring out special effects.

Greek Temple 

This is the temple I have created for “Animation Production 1: ANIM1003. I had originally created Greek Temple.

temple 3The base bottom:

1.  key ‘CTRL’ and ‘D’ to copy the steps.

2.  key ‘W’ to move it up for together with other steps.



I researched the image from google image website to try to copy this model as my model temple. I like this detail model because it is an ancient Greek temple. I love to see history temples which is very interesting with model, shapes and detail line. I will try to experiment with the cylinder model in 3D Maya software.

temple 8The cylinders:

1.  cylinder then right clicked to chose ‘face’.

2. cylinder faces

3. key ‘W’ for to make it move back like 3D

4. right clicked to chose ‘vertex’.

5. selected the purple dots on the cylinder centre

6. the key ‘W’ to pull it up look like point.

7.  key ‘E’ to make the cylinder’s surface smooth.

8. selected the cylinder to copy it and paste as eight cylinders.

The roof:temple 4

I will try to improve with the roof because its hard for me to learn how to make it more detail like the first image of Greek temple from google image.



Detail Temple

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 18.55.53

1. created Cylinder columns then pressed 3 for smooth

2. CTRL E to make the base bottom create as steps with face.

3. created thin cubes for the columns up and down.

The roof

  1. created thin cube
  2. insert edge loop 5 lines on the thin cube
  3. vertex some part to make it as wave
  4. duplicate copy them
  5. make it look like the roof.
  6. combine them together.

The Roof Base

  1. selected the cube.
  2. CRTL E selected the face to make it deep
  3. the line base as more detail deep and detail shape.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 18.56.09

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 18.56.36


Round Temple

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 20.57.44


  1. Key R to make it increase
  2. CRTL and E to make the face reduce and pull it up.
  3. like steps.
  4. created many cylinders then pressed 3 to make it smooth.
  5. created other cylinder for on the roof.
  6. pressed CRTL and E to make it double cylinder.
  7. created Sphere.
  8. cut sphere half.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 20.54.53


Colosseum Temple


rome-colosseum_3224540b.jpgI researched the image from google image website to try to copy this model as my model temple. I like this detail model because it is an ancient Greek temple. I love to see history temples which is very interesting with model, shapes and detail line.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 21.19.01

Part One

  1. Created long rectangle.
  2. Created the cylinder.
  3. Cut the cylinder half.
  4. Selected the the bottom edges
  5. CRTL E to pul them down as door shape.
  6.  Put it inside the long rectangle
  7. Selected the rectangle and the cylinder
  8. Mesh – Booleans – Difference
  9. Created many small thin cylinder as gate for the door.
  10. Created the thin cube as steps on the rectangle top.
  11. Created other long rectangle for the back.
  12. Created three cylinders as door
  13. selected the cylinders and long rectangles.
  14. Mesh – Booleans – Difference

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 21.19.47

Part Two

  1. Combine them together.
  2. Clear the history.
  3. duplicate copy the one part next to it
  4. SHIFT + D as automatic copy by itself many like 15 each.
  5. Combine them together
  6. Selected Animation from the menu
  7.  Nonlinear – Bend
  8. Key – E to make the bend line as straight line –  90 degrees
  9. Click bend1
  10. press the curvature continue  to make it circle curve.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 21.20.13





Big Hero 6

Group: Mamatha, Karishma.

We discussed and explain how to use the camera angles and three characters in short animation film. We searched the animation short films with camera angles and three characters. we chosen Big Hero 6 clip of Baymax battery low scene.

We started to create the storyteller. we recorded of us in different camera angles and action in the scene. We created storyboard in TVpaint.


Then we researched on YouTube how to draw Hiro Sneaking and Baymax Drunk walking with references.

Baymax: Drunk walking:


Hiro: Sneaking:


My idea character design

My Thumbnails


My Storyboard



Reference of characters:

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 07.24.24.png

I researched some characters links to Baymax’s body. I chose Monster but i need to choose different.

I changed my mind to choose human characters. i sketches some faces and body.


My Character Design


Character 3D Model

I created the character model but there are too much lines. Next time I will make it simple model.


Karishma’s Scene 1:

Karishma drew of Hiro and Baymax and Aunt. When Hiro opened the door and sneaking inside living room and called in whisper  Baymax to come in. Baymax started to dance and say wee around the room while aunt sleeping on the chair with different camera angles and perspective.

My Scene 2

I focused on hiro and baymax to animate in TvPiant. The camera shot in the front of Hiro sneaking walk from start to end then turn round. The camera goes close up in front of Hiro and he said in whisper “come on”. The camera goes long shot of Baymax started to walk in Drunk way towards Hiro. The camera shot close up on Hiro said, “shhh” in whisper. Hiro’s face reaction when Baymax nearly hit the lamp.

Rachel’s Scene 3

When Baymax look at the chair. Hiro try to say no to Baymax. Baymax nodded him. He run around the chair while aunt sleeps on the chair. Hiro fed up.


My Final Scene 1

I researched on the internet images of sneaking walking form Richards William. r-williams-sneak-5I started to create Max in key pose in timeline to following the image in key pose.





Final Scene 2

I tried my best to make Hiro turn round in front of Baymax. Its hard to make hiro turn round because I don’t know which part of body to move and turn round then added action when he says “Come on!”, “Shh!” in whisper with facial expression.

Experiment 1

I created Baymax walking in drunk but walking is not right way because his back should be bend over and bend back sometimes when he walks towards. I restart to create Baymax walking in drunk towards.

Final Scene 3

I started to created Baymax walking in drunk way towards but in the middle of scene the timeline shows little bit slow when he walks. It looks good when Baymax walks from start and end.

My Final Animation

I try to add the sound of “Shh” and “Come on”. I need to edited with shh in short because the voice takes long shh.

Final Animation

I edited to put all the scene together in Adobe Premiere Pro. We recorded the voice shh and come on from man voice then added the voice on the adobe to make it match to the scene.



I will manage my time for to create the scene and to extra time the scene. I will practise with drunk walk in extra time.



2D Animation


I started to observe my friend how to pull in movement. I started to draw in rough sketches.



I drew more detail of person and how to pull in movement. I used to research on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXUfXkC3U0A



I researched on google images to learn how to draw to push. It is really helpful for me to research on google image.



I started to draw in smallest sketches in thumbnails because I have changed some part of story is the dog movement. Before in thumbnail which I drew of dog movement was not right in the place. in this image, i have added the bouncing ball with pace in between the ball.



Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 06.25.21

I drew roughly man with thinking movement. It would be more interesting for adding more animation and fun movement.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 06.14.05.png

I drew Dog movement with mobile and and refuse movement. I sketched every movement in rough.  I will use it in my final animate.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 06.10.17.png

I drew ball bouncing with timing and overlapping. I researched on google image and The Animator’s Survival Kit book with ball bouncing ball.




The final Animate – Man and Dog


This is my final Animation!



3D Walk Cycle

This is my First experiment to learn how to walk. I researched on The Richard Williams Animator’s Survival Kit book with reference walking. Its difcult for me to make the feet walking in pose steps.  I will try to experiment with different type of walking.


I added the feet moevment when bot walking from beginning to end. I think I need to add more time in seconds because it is short seconds.

I created bot to walk fast with their feet from beginning to end. I added in the end is jumping up and down but I felt jumping is too fast when bot was jumping up and down. I will change the jump time into slow time and make it real jumping.


I created bot to walking low with his knee down while walking from beginning to end. I need to add the head movement to make it like real person walking. i created the camera to angle in front view.

I created the camera to view in 3/4 angle.


I started to research on the book ‘The Richard Williams Animator’s Survival Kit’ to learn how to create character to walk in sneaking walking. I found it very interersting.


3D Lamp Animate

I started to created the shape of the lamp using references of images of a lamp. I have added colour to the lamp. I started to add the rigging on the lamp with 5 joints then put each part of lamp to on each joint. I started to create the lamp to jump up and down using the timeline.

I duplicated the lamp. I tried to make two lamps go up and down at the same time. I created the pink lamp to jump, then I tried to make the head turn away. However, the head wouldn’t turn away, it would only nod up and down. I will try to experiment with other animated movements of the lamp head.

I created the lamp to jump forward in fornt of camera, but when the lamp jumped forward the timing was too slow. I will change the timing within the animation.

3D Kurt Character

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 17.43.51

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 17.44.11

I learnt to created character. but it was so struggling with making model as character




  1. started to create cylinder.Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 17.43.22
  2. empty the two faces top and bottom.
  3. selected the vertex to pull it up as chest body.
  4. Insert edge loop.
  5.  selected the vertex to make it as perfect shape as Kurt’s chest curve shape images.
  6. CRTL E to extra the shape out as arm.
  7. CRTL E to extra the bottom shape as leg.
  8. selected the mirror Geometry – X
  9. but the mirror doesn’t merge together.
  10. selected the vertex make it together every each part.


Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 17.44.37 Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 17.44.29 Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 17.43.36

I have learnt to create one thumb but not yet to learn to create the fingers because the part of half palm is hole open. I will learn how to create fingers, thumb, and face online in youtube.







3D Bounce Balls

My first Experiment with bouncing balls.

I tried to created one small ball to bouncing from beginning to end but suddenly the maya 3d goes crash down then i  saw the small bounce ball goes bouncing up and down and won’t move forwards or backwards.

I created big ball to bounce but it looks a little bit fast. I will recreated again to make the ball bouncing down and up.

Single Bounce Up and Down

My Second Experiment bouncing ball.

I created 3D bounce ball. I have learnt how to animate bounce ball in 3D Maya Software.

The bottom base:

  1. click ‘create’
  2. clicked ‘Polygon Ball 1Primitives’.
  3. shape – ‘Plane’.
  4. key ‘R’
  5. clicked the yellow cube to hold it to make the plane big.
  6. key ‘W’ to make the square move around the area.
  7. added few planes to make as wall

The sphere:

  1. ‘Create’ -‘Polygon Primitives’ -‘Sphere’.
  2. key ‘R’ to make the sphere big size.
  3.  held it to move it side.

The Timeline:Ball2

  1. ‘Attribute Editor’
  2. clicked ‘Channel box/Layer Editor’.
  3. changed the frame from 1 to 12 for animate the bounce ball.
  4. select number 1 in the timeline for to start animate the bounce ball.
  5. selected the ball then move it up. I clicked ‘Channel box/Layer Editor’
  6. selected ‘Translate X, Translate Y, Translate Z’
  7. right clicked to click ‘Key Selected’ for three translate.
  8. The timeline, I selected number 4 then I select the ball to move down right to make it look like bounce down.
  9. key ‘K’. I  carried on to make the ball move up and down.
  10.  I clicked it to play the bounce ball. But I felt the bounce ball is too fast.Ball 3
  11. clicked ‘Animation Preference’ then
    clicked ‘playback speed’ to change from ‘Play every frames’ to ‘Half [12 fps]’.

The Graph Editor:

  1. clicked ‘Animation Editor’.
  2. ‘Graph Editor’ to change the line wave to sharp line wave.
  3. selected ‘Break tangents’
  4.  select the line of wave which I want to change.
  5. It popped up with two line of blue and purple. I drag down on the blue line then selected it to move it and change the line to sharp line.
  6.  I played it and saw the ball goes bounce down well.
  7. I felt so happy with this animation movementBall 4.

The lights:

  1. ‘create’ – ‘Light’ to choose the ‘spot lights’.
  2. two lights in both sides with bounce ball place.
  3. choose ‘Ambient Light’.
  4.  the key ‘W’ to make it move up to make the light bright on the bounce ball.
  5. ‘Attribute Editor’
  6. clicked the colour to change from white to purple.

Ball 6The Camera:

  1. ‘create’
  2.  ‘camera’ to camera on the bounce ball.
  3. pressed the key ‘W’ to move it up and place where the bounce ball goes on the floor.


Two Bounce Balls

I created one bounce ball and one bowling ball.

but the bounce ball needs to improve with the timing. I will improve that part for next part. Im happy with the bowling ball.